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Where to Dine in Dalby

Where to Dine in Dalby
on 17 January 2022 in Food & Drink

Although a small town nestled in the West of Brisbane, Dalby has a lot of charm to offer backed by exquisite dining that you wouldn’t typically expect in a small town.

With a great range of cuisines including Chinese, Indian and your typical Aussie fare with a twist, we’ve listed out the best places to eat in Dalby that will satisfy your craving.

Windsor Hotel Bistro

If you’re looking for a place where the locals eat, you simply can’t miss a meal at the Windsor Hotel Bistro

in Dalby. Renowned for its laid back atmosphere that resonates the friendliness of the town backed by great value for money and exceptional meals, you’ll find raving reviews from patrons of the establishment.

The Windsor Hotel Bistro is a local favourite for good reason, with a wide range of decadent meals that will satisfy your cravings, you can expect to see all-time classics in the menu including burgers, pasta, seafood, steak, chicken dishes, salads and the town’s best parmies that are widely raved about – it’s so good that you’ll find reviews online of patrons saying it was the best parmies they’ve ever had. 

Headed by professional chefs and kitchen staff who are passionate about creating and curating delicious meals, you’ll be glad to know that your meals are prepared using the best local produce that’s seasonal. 

With daily specials available, featuring the best and most on-demand items as revealed by patrons, a dine in at the Windsor Hotel Bistro if you are looking for good food in Dalby. 

There’s also an exceptional array of drinks for those looking to quench their thirst. With beers on tap served cold alongside a wide range of wines and spirits on the menu, it’s easy to find a drink that will pair nicely with your delicious meal. Service is friendly and efficient, making the Windsor Hotel Bistro a no brainer for a great Dalby dining experience. 

The Urban Paddock Café

A unique setting that dawns a sense of historical charm filled with a rustic ambience, the Urban Paddock Café on Cunningham Street was once known as the Quambi House in Dalby.

The setting is tranquil and family friendly with wide open spaces that allow you to soak in the views at the verandah, with a child friendly backyard to keep the little ones busy. Doggy parents will be glad to know that the café’s deck and yard area are dog friendly, which means bringing your furry pal along is doable so long as you eat outside. 

Period furniture awaits you indoors followed by an open fireplace and colourful art pieces to help set the scene for a delightful cafe style meal that will impress and satisfy.

Breakfast favourites include creative culinary twists such as Thai herb salmon croquettes, traditional Hollandaise sauce, micro salads and kale cream.

The lunch bunch would be thrilled to feast upon the likes of roast pumpkin, sun dried tomatoes, chicken risotto with bacon, pulled pork tacos, slow cooked lamb, miso eggplant, and so many more fusion delights with a twist. 

Delicious desserts such as their unique Tim Tam cheesecake will hit the spot for those with a sweet tooth.

The Urban Paddock Café certainly emphasises on creativity with an imaginative take on the way your food is prepared and served. Many patrons have reported that the quality of the food is worth every penny. 

As the place does get quite busy, it’s always best to book in advance although you could always have one of their ready made foods on display such as quiche or cake for a quicker serve.

Lum’s Chinese Restaurant 

A much beloved Chinese restaurant in Dalby, the delicious wok smells outside the establishment will be enough to draw your curiosity in.

You can expect to find all the Chinese food classics such as dim sum, spring rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, cashew chicken, stir fried prawns, sizzling Canton steak, and more. Meat dishes are cooked tender and nice without any overpowering spice, while veggies are not over cooked to maintain a fresh bite. 

Patrons have reportedly time and time again found the service very efficient and the food delicious. The owners are wonderful and go the extra mile in ensuring your food is the way you want it to be – cautious about your allergies and intolerances. 

Curry Resort

If you’re feeling like some Indian cuisine, you’ll want to head to the Curry Resort in Dalby. The curries are fantastic with other signature dishes such as the lemon chicken tikka deserving an applause. Flavours and heat are on the money, with dishes being of generous portions and the menu range is good.

You’ll find the classics like butter chicken, garlic naan bread, beef madras, to name a few. The kids menu is filled with easy to eat meals like chips and nuggets for the little ones, although the flavours and aromas coming out of your plate will be enough to entice them to ask for some of yours and then more.

Service is attentive and not intrusive, with an easy and laid back environment making a meal here comfortable.